Land Your Next High-Ticket Social Media Client With Confidence

A 60-minute workshop that outlines the exact steps you need to take to find, pitch and land your next high-ticket social media client with confidence. 
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What the workshop covers:

Find + Land Ideal Clients

Those ideal clients that pay you what you KNOW you deserve (*hint* it's more than you think).

3 Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid these common pitfalls as you level up your social media management business.


Learn the secrets that will unlock your confidence in your thriving freelance social media business.

Hi, I’m Amanda 👋

I uplift, educate, and empower social media managers to build a profitable social media business while enjoying autonomy over their time, money, and lives.

Amanda has been such an incredible source of knowledge for me. She's always so encouraging of us and makes sure we feel supported in our endeavors. 


I now have options and opportunities thanks to Amanda! I'm so grateful for where I am and really excited for everything to come.

I'm ready to land my next high-ticket social media management client with confidence!

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