Are you charging enough for your Social Media Management services?

Download the Make Money Formula and find out! 


Not sure what to charge for you social media services? What's a retainer? Should I be charging hourly? 

If you've ever asked yourself these questions, just know you're not alone. There is a lot to think about when it goes into pricing your services, like... 

Business Expenses

Project Time 

Taxes + Health Insurance

Personal Expenses

But I've made it EASY for you!!

This Free Download will help you price your services and get you the money you should be making!


I'm Amanda!

And I'm your Social Media Mentor and founder of The Social Media Manager Society.

In 2019, I was stuck at a crossroads - do I keep wasting away at my 9-5, working for somebody else, only taking vacations when I accrued enough PTO, or do I take leap of faith and trust myself enough to go out and do this on my own? I had over a decade of experience as a social media manager/director in agency, in-house, and freelance settings but I had no idea how to run my own business.

I took that leap, quit that job, and within 30 days of quitting, was able to start my business, get my first two clients, and take home more money than I did at my 9-5!

It's been four years now and I continuously hit 6 figures each year working with a handful of clients I love.  My average work day is only 4 HOURS and I am able to take vacations whenever I want (without needing to ask to use PTO). I have proudly built the life I always dreamed of having!

"I went from making a few hundred extra dollars a month to replacing my 9-5 income. Literal dream come true.” -Brynn P.
"I have taken on three new clients since using this formula and it has taken a huge stress off my shoulders! ” -Lauren

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Monthly Calls

Each month, we host a group call - we call these Happy Hours - and it's our casual way of chatting about anything that's on your mind while you grow your business, so you always have a team behind you whenever you need it!

Templates & Downloads

Every little thing Amanda has used in cultivating a six-figure business is available to you.

Proposals, contracts, portfolios, calendars, content creation templates, and so much more.

The Perfect Portfolio Pack

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Everything you need to create a fabulous online portfolio in ONE DAY, even if you've never had a client. Includes portfolio templates and proven examples.

Content Celebrations

Quarterly meetings to gut-check our own needs and plan for client needs.

Discuss important dates to plan for in the next quarter, exchange ideas for fun content, review content planning processes, and more!